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Another level!

Another level! :)

Level name: Toys RC.
Creator: B~HFH
Category: Realistic.
Score: 110.

Good luck!

By:Garfield, Date:10/1/2010
Really nice challenge!
By:cp77fk4r, Date:10/1/2010
nice Garfield, you quicker than the eye!
By:elyasaf755, Date:22/1/2010
i have no idea how to pass this many other ;»
By:michaell1014, Date:31/1/2010
elyasaf755,all in all, you have to know programming. there are many challanges which you must write a program. Secondly,I think that you don know reversing.So,you need to learn this. And finally, you need the most powerful tool -google !!! goodluck :»
By:elyasaf755, Date:7/2/2010
מיכייייי....יאוו איך התגעגעתי!! הלימודים הורגים אותי אז אני לא נמצא כמעט... בכל אופן, אני פרשתי מהתחום לטובת הלימודים...בכל אופן, למה התכוונת ב- "ALL IN ALL"??
By:Nadav1999, Date:22/2/2012
גם אתה מדבר עברית?
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