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HackThisSite.Org - A Really nice hacking challenges system which gives you a lot of challenges
in many diffrent subjects, such as: "Realistic Missions", Encryption, "Basic
Web", "Application Challenges" and much more. - A Very nice site, with really nice challenges! if you are stuck in any of them
you can always get some hints in their irc server/channel :). - check it out. - The biggest Root-this-box and greatest (team based) wargames system on the net! - A very old and cool hacking challenges site.
Hackr.Org - The new version of the "LearnToHack" lovely site. V3.0 - A very good website which is about hacking. It has a lot of challenges that cover many
subjects , such as: Logic, Oktranon, Cryptography, Scripting, Brain and Misc.
HackerChallenge - A website that presents A list of challenges in many subjects , such as: JavaScript,
Stegano, Logic, Special Science, Realistic, Analysis and Programming. - An interesting site, with interesting challenges! - very recommended.
Mod-X - A Great challenges system, with a nice story. - The old (and the really good) Ma's Reversing Site. good luck!
STARFLEET-ACADEMY - This site, is the Independent Starfleet Academy Training Center for Internet Security
(ISATCIS), very cool site and really invested site.
HaX.ToR.Hu - Just the right amount of challenge with a filling of humor. Powerful (instant activated)
shell account for all players. Web, networking, logic, rare and original challenges.
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