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New Stegan0 level!

A new Stegano Level!

Level name: SteganoFreak
Creator: cp77fk4r
Category: Cryptography
Score: 50.

Cool w33kend!

By:zEt0s-, Date:27/2/2009
Very easy one. You have another chall exactly like this one.
By:cp77fk4r, Date:27/2/2009
Really? whitch?
By:zEt0s-, Date:27/2/2009
Its All About Encryption-3 I think Im not sure which - its one of the Stegano Challs. I know for sure it was cuz i passed it in someting like 1 minute cuz it was familiar. Have A good WEEKEND! ;»
By:cp77fk4r, Date:27/2/2009
All the "Its All About Encryption" was created by Calltor, and its about encription [...], the Its All About Encryption -3 its about comparison.
By:T4uSBaZ, Date:27/2/2009
Zet0s is right :] i remember exactly what challange it was, but nvm! lets not give hints here! nice challange! i liked it! :» great weekend!
By:zEt0s-, Date:28/2/2009
T4uSBaz - couple of things: 1. Im always right :) 2. If you don want to say it here, send a private msg to one of the admins (cp is recommended cuz he is usally here + he just finished his Serving period so its the best time to annoy him :D). 3. About what I wrote at the first line - I was kidding ;)
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