2 + 2 = 5, for extremely large values of 2.- Unknown

New 3 levels!

Yeah :) I decided to write a three Application
levels, because our application section is lacking...


Level name: TT0 CrackMe 1
Creator: cp77fk4r
Category: Application
Score: 50.

Level name: TT0 CrackMe 2
Creator: cp77fk4r
Category: Application
Score: 65.

Level name: TT0 CrackMe 3
Creator: cp77fk4r
Category: Application
Score: 70.

Good luck my friends!

By:K32.nix, Date:1/3/2009
Very good! We need more challs give me more!!! moooooooore!! ^^
By:zEt0s-, Date:1/3/2009
All of the 3 were easy. "The same lady in a change"..
By:T4uSBaZ, Date:1/3/2009
Nice challanges, i passed them :) the third i liked the most :] although you can just go straight to the pass but nvm :]
By:T4uSBaZ, Date:1/3/2009
CP Its 16:32 and im first in the list! anyways its not for long, soon Alias will come and reach the first place again :\ \
By:cp77fk4r, Date:1/3/2009
Cool T4uSBaZ! Congratulation! :) and zEt0s- they not! >_<
By:zEt0s-, Date:1/3/2009
CP dude - I just copied the loop to the visual studio in every stage 10 mins +- for all of the 3. The only thing it tested is the ability to do RE. (and this sucks cuz i wanted to publish my stage before..but nvm ]) Btw - I forgot to say Very nice about your participation now! (lvls and all of your work) and also B~HFH! he connects more then in the past last months (years to be accurate :P) Its obvious urn in the military right now (:
By:noam, Date:2/3/2009
well done CP I love the crack me missions but try to make harder missions than this and not only VS challanges :D anyway good work
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