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New Web-Challenge

I made a new Web-Challenge!

Level name: MegaSpeedDownload
Creator: cp77fk4r
Category: Web-Challenge
Score: 30.

And I made some changes in the Out page and
in the CSS file (CSS- only in the EN version).

Happy Hacking.

By:Garfield, Date:27/4/2009
Nice challenge :)
By:cp77fk4r, Date:27/4/2009
There are three different ways to pass this one.
By:drweb^, Date:27/4/2009
Easy 0ne... ^^
By:K32.nix, Date:27/4/2009
solved in 20 seconds. ^^ nice anyway.
By:zEt0s-, Date:27/4/2009
3?! hell no. there are at least 4 ways (on the same basic way, but diff) , without the "waiting 4-5 years" option :D
By:michaell1014, Date:28/4/2009
Nice mission!I do it sometimes when I am downloading form the servers.
By:320mb, Date:4/9/2009
3 ways to pass?? Ive tried packet sniffing and other stuff I know and still no points. so how are we supposed to know what the hell file we are looking for?????????????
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