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DNS Attacks. Whiptech. EN 2482
Distributed Reflection Denial of Service. Steve Gibson. EN 2055
Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation. ISS EN 2451
Distributed Denial of Service Attacks. Bennett Todd. EN 2150
Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Bennett Todd EN 2087
Distributed Denial of Service Paul J. Criscuolo. EN 2368
Directory Traversal Attacks Acunetix EN 3031
Digital Signatures. EmailPrivacy EN 2295
Detecting Web Browser Heap Corruption Attacks. Stephan Chenette & Moti Joseph. EN 2512
Detecting packet injection Seth Schoen EN 2338
Detecting Honeypots. Thorsten Holz & Frederic Raynal EN 1907
Detecting Complex Viruses Peter Ferrie, Frederic Perriot EN 2115
Detecting and Removing Malicious Code Matthew Tanase EN 2347
Designing Shellcode Demystified. Murat Balaban. EN 2318
Designing Shellcode Demystified. Murat Balaban. EN 2111
Deploying Network Access Quarantine Control Jonathan Hassell. EN 2268
Denial of Service Attacks. CERT EN 2357
Demystifying Denial-Of-Service attacks Abhishek Singh, CISSP EN 2147
Defeating the Stack Based Buffer Overflow David Litchfield EN 2182
Defeating Honeypots : Network issues. Laurent Oudot, Thorsten Holz. EN 2090

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