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DB2 Security?The Starting Point IBM Press. EN 2290
DatabaseSecurity. Dan Rahmel. EN 2171
Data Encryption Techniques. R. E. Frazier. EN 1872
CSRF - Cross-Site Request Forgery owasp EN 73945
crytopographg ahmed yaba EN 1023
CryptoBytes Dan Boneh & Hovav Shacham EN 2326
Cross-Site Request Forgeries FENiX EN 1955
Cross-Platform Security. Jay Shaw. EN 2407
Cross Site Request Forgeries Chris Shiflett EN 2501
CRLF Injection Attacks Al Berg EN,289483,sid14_gci11... 4922
CRLF Injection Attack. Acunetix. EN 2228
CRLF Injection Attack Acunetix EN 2200
CRLF Injection Ulf Harnhammar. EN 2342
Create function polymorphism in C Miguel Bazdresch EN 2224
Create a secure Linux-based wireless access point Manolis Tzanidakis EN 2309
Cracking Wi-Fi Protected Access «WPA». Seth Fogie EN 1937
Crack Protection. Fate HE 2293
Countering SYN Flood Denial-of-Service Attacks. Ross Oliver. EN 2376
Controlling Privileges Administrator Accounts. Derek Melber. EN 2975
Configuring Windows 7 Steve Friedl EN 2826

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