The true computer hackers follow a certain set of ethics that forbids them to profit or cause harm from their activities. - Kevin Mitnick
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Data Encryption Techniques. R. E. Frazier. EN 1142
CSRF - Cross-Site Request Forgery owasp EN 1440
CryptoBytes Dan Boneh & Hovav Shacham EN 1280
Cross-Site Request Forgeries FENiX EN 1173
Cross-Platform Security. Jay Shaw. EN 1190
Cross Site Request Forgeries Chris Shiflett EN 1375
CRLF Injection Attacks Al Berg EN,289483,sid14_gci11... 2458
CRLF Injection Attack. Acunetix. EN 1312
CRLF Injection Attack Acunetix EN 1390
CRLF Injection Ulf Harnhammar. EN 1297
Create function polymorphism in C Miguel Bazdresch EN 1196
Create a secure Linux-based wireless access point Manolis Tzanidakis EN 1327
Cracking Wi-Fi Protected Access «WPA». Seth Fogie EN 1137
Crack Protection. Fate HE 1250
Countering SYN Flood Denial-of-Service Attacks. Ross Oliver. EN 1389
Controlling Privileges Administrator Accounts. Derek Melber. EN 1887
Configuring Windows 7 Steve Friedl EN 1550
Common VPN Security Flaws. Roy Hills. EN 1319
Common Security Problems in the Code of Dynamic Web Applications Sverre H. Huseby EN 1415
Collaborative endpoint security Ivan Arce, Eduardo Arias EN 1224

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