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A Guide to Different Kinds of Honeypots Jamie Riden and Christian Seifert EN 1568
A DDOS defeating technique based on routing. Fernando Schapachnik. EN 422
A Database of Computer Attacks for the Evaluation of Intrusion. Kristopher Kendall EN 374
A basic introduction to installing and using PGP. Pgpi.Org EN 285
802.11 Security Beyond WEP Jim Geier EN 397
360 Anomaly Based Unsupervised Intusion Detection Stefano Zanero EN 327
10 Tips for Wireless Network Security Bradley Mitchell. EN 286
/SSH_Using_Secure Shell for Windows. Robert J. Shimonski EN 361
Wireless LAN Security. ISS. EN 228
White Paper ENCRYPTION Pascal Lamberueux EN 225
The Ghost In The Browser Analysis of Web-based Malware Niels Provos & Dean McNamee EN 222
RSA Encryption. Tom Davis. EN 386
How To Crack VPN on a Public Wireless Network Carsten Maartmann EN 209
A Practical Dynamic Buffer Overflow Detector. Olatunji Ruwase And Monica S. Lam. EN 231

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