A Windows user spends 1/3 of his life sleeping, 1/3 working, 1/3 waiting.- Unknown
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Common VPN Security Flaws. Roy Hills. EN 2214
Common Security Problems in the Code of Dynamic Web Applications Sverre H. Huseby EN 2395
Collaborative endpoint security Ivan Arce, Eduardo Arias EN 3871
Cisco SNMP configuration attack with a GRE tunnel Mati Aharoni, William M. Hidalgo EN 4044
Cisco SNMP configuration attack with a GRE tunnel Mati Aharoni, William M. Hidalgo EN 4850
Cisco SNMP configuration attack Mati Aharoni, William M. Hidalgo EN 2168
Cipheretx-Only Cryptanalysis Of Enigma James J. Gillogly EN 4164
Cipher Attack Delivers Heavy Blow to WLAN Security. Patrick Mannion. EN 2522
Bypassing MSB Data Filters for Buffer Overflow Exploits Riley "caezar" Eller EN 2857
Bypassing Firewalls: Tools and Techniques. Jake Hill. EN 2077
Bypassing ASP .NET ValidateRequest for Script Injection Attacks Richard Brain EN 4633
Bypass Windows heap protections Nicolas Falliere EN 2120
Building and configuring OpenSSH Steve Friedl EN 15283
Building an ATM Firewall with BSD Martin Wellard EN 3765
Building an Anti-Virus Engine Markus Schmall EN 4087
Buffer Overflow Demystified. Murat Balaban. EN 2616
Buffer Overflow Attacks and Their Countermeasures. Sandeep Grover . EN 2376
Browser Security Handbook Michal Zalewski EN 2636
Browser Identification for web applications. Shreeraj Shah EN 1929
Browser Hijacking. Mike Healan EN 3967

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