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Z A new interactive way for learning and assesment AV EN 407
XSS ?Cross Site Scripting? Cheat Sheet RSnake. EN 9078
Writing Worms for Fun or Profit Darknet EN 6521
Writing Secure PHP. Dave Child. EN 154416
Writing Buffer Overflow Exploits with Perl Teleh0r EN 5118
Writing buffer overflow exploits Mixter EN 5150
Writing anti-IDS shellcode Xtremist EN 5723
Wireless Network Security. Tom Karygiannis& Les Owens EN 6543
Wireless Honeypot Countermeasures Laurent Oudot EN 5906
Wireless Devices and a New Generation of Viruses Josh Ryder EN 5013
Wireless access Points and ARP Poisoning. Bob Fleck & Jordan Dimov EN 5225
Windows Vista Security and Data Protection Tony Northrup EN 4622
Windows Syscall Shellcode Piotr Bania EN 5395
Windows rootkits of 2005 James Butler, Sherri Sparks EN 5581
Windows Anti-Debug Reference Nicolas Falliere EN 5346
Windows Anti-Debug Reference Nicolas Falliere EN 4434
WiFi Attack - SideJacking Anthony Lai EN 5400
WEP: Dead Again, Part 1 Michael Ossmann. EN 4766
WEP: Dead Again Michael Ossmann EN 4558
WEP, WPA and Wireless Security. Ron Pacchiano. EN 5398

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